Category: Movies

Hollywood Hacking

An FBI agent and a cyber criminal must work together to save the world! A parody on cheesy hacking movies. [via pistolshrimps]

8-bit Guardians of the Galaxy

CineFix presents Guardians of the Galaxy retold via old-school 8-bit (OK, 16-Bit – but still Old School!) game tech. [via cinefix]


Hobbit Dwarf Cheat Sheet

There are quite a few dwarves in The Hobbit, so the guys from the LOTRproject made convenient cheat sheet. [via LOTRproject]

2014 Movie Mashup

2014 had some great movies, some terrible movies, and some movies that were altogether forgettable. To refresh your memory, CineFix made a supercut of the good, the bad, and the everything else of 2014....

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