Welcome to Moment of Geekiness! This site will provide you with your daily shot of geekiness.

Why MoG?

You now probably ask yourself, why you should follow the news on this site and not at one of the other geek sites. Well, there are a couple of reasons for that

  1. We will not only provide you with fun stuff, but also more serious things.
  2. We will provide you with unique content no one else has.
  3. This site is awesome. :-P

Who has founded MoG?

This site was founded in November 2010 by the then 20-year-old Dutch student Raymond. He wanted to share his interests in the geek subculture and computer science with the world. He used to do this in comment sections of other sites and on social media, but at that one rainy day in November 2010, he decided that it was time to find a place he could post random geeky stuff without bothering anyone. To his surprise, people started visiting this random collection of images, videos and articles. That is pretty much the backstory of Moment of Geekiness.

I almost forgot to add, that he also likes to write dramatic stories about himself in a third-person narrative.

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