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Cinefile 2015

YouTube user Miguel Branco created an overview of the movies released in 2015. You can check out a list of movies used on his website. [via miguelbranco]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Movies of All Time

Filmmaking is a complicated alchemy of light, sound, camera movement. And while a great look is always the goal, sometimes everything comes together to create a work of sublime beauty. These are our picks...

Hollywood Hacking

An FBI agent and a cyber criminal must work together to save the world! A parody on cheesy hacking movies. [via pistolshrimps]

Movies in 5 Seconds

Movies in 5 Seconds

A series of posters for those who don’t want to deprive themselves of a daily cinema ration. Shortology from H-57 is a book which minimalizes many stories, including famous movies. [Via picamemag]

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