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Best Game of All Time Debate

Wired and Smosh Games have a lively debate what the best games of all time are in the genres 1st Person Shooter, 2D Platformer, Action/Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Sports, Puzzle, and Fighting. Let me know...

Skyrim in a nutshell

Youtuber Ferhod has created an animated video featuring the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 that sums up Bethesda Game Studios‘ popular video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 25 seconds. [via youtube]

Portal Trick Shots

Using their epic special effects, digital studio Corridor Digital has merged the teleportation from Portal with basketball trick shots. [via corridordigital]

Honest World of Warcraft Trailer

With the release of the newest WoW expansion just one day away, the guys from Smosh Games decided to make an honest trailer for World of Warcraft. [via smoshgames]

3 Ways Games Are Good For You

Cam from GameSpot scours the latest scientific research for positive news stories about playing video games, and comes back with three fascinating results for us. [via gamespot]

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