Moment Of Geekiness

50 Unknown Star Wars Facts

50 unknown Star Wars facts, with easter eggs, behind the scenes info and probably other things. [via MrSundayMovies]

James Bond Kill Count

YouTube users Auralnauts and The Man of Recaps made a supercut of all the 362 on-screen kills in the 23 released James Bond movies. [via auralnauts]

10 Worst Video Game Glitches Ever

No matter how much time developers spend on games, there will always be bugs and glitches. Screenrant made a top 10 of the worst glitches ever. [via screenrant]

Disney Invents 3D Coloring Book

Coloring books are great way for children to express their creativity. Disney Research enhanced this experience by developing an augmented reality interface that takes the 2D image from the coloring book and turns it...

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