Moment Of Geekiness

Warcraft [Movie Trailer]

Blizzard released the trailer for the movie Warcraft yesterday. Let’s hope it will be better than all the previous video games that were turned into movies… In Theaters, June 10, 2016

General relativity explained in under three minutes

One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein completed his general theory of relativity, which explains how the gravitational force works. This made Einstein an international celebrity during his time, and the theory is widely recognized...

The New Periodic Table Song

Hey friends – we wanted to update a few things in our video to be more accurate and appropriate for everyone. And why not try and memorize this song all over again?! Thanks for...

Gnarly Water Spirals at 1600fps

Gav and Dan spin a waterlogged foam ball to produce some hypnotic split-second galaxies. And yes. I totally used the word “Gnarly.” [via The Slow Mo Guys]

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