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How would a nuclear bomb affect your area?

Nukemap is a tool developed by Alex Wellerstein that shows you damage a nuclear detonation will do anywhere in the world. It allows you to choose among other things the place, the yield and...

Google Zeitgeist: Here’s to 2013

Google Zeitgeist 2013 is a compilation of all the Google searches around the world in 2013. Besides the awesome video, they also created an interactive 3D map that allows you to explore the search...


Doctor Who Timeline

Crispian Jago has illustrated a tube map that shows the timeline of every Doctor, featuring all his companions and enemies. An interactive version of the map can be found here. [via io9]

Antarctica Without Its Ice

Antarctica Without Its Ice

Our understanding of what lies beneath the world’s biggest ice sheet has taken another leap forward. In this video we strip away Antarctic ice to reveal a new, and much more detailed map of...

Abbottabad Counter-Strike map

Abbottabad Counter-Strike map

A week after the Navy SEALs raided Osama Bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad, Counter-Strike map maker Fletch released a playable Counter-Strike Source map of Osama’s hideout. The map fy_abbottabad is currently just a shoot-and-kill...

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