Moment Of Geekiness

Social Media Experiment

Prankster Jack Vale used the power of social media to freak people out by making them think he knew personal information about them. [via JackValeFilms]

Watson's Kryptonite

Watson’s Kryptonite

I think Watson will draw a blank after that question. Although, I am not sure how both human players are going to format their hard drive with the file system check command. [Via reddit]

How to make a superhero movie in 10 easy steps

“Iron Man 3,” “Man of Steel,” and “The Wolverine” didn’t match up to the superhero blockbusters of 2012. What did they miss that “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “The Avengers,” and “The Dark Knight Rises” got...

Windows 8 Classic

Someone decided to convert the Windows 8 Metro interface into a retro interface. [Via reddit]

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