Moment Of Geekiness

The Infinite Hotel Paradox [TED-ED]

The Infinite Hotel, a thought experiment created by German mathematician David Hilbert, is a hotel with an infinite number of rooms. Easy to comprehend, right? Wrong. What if it’s completely booked but one person...

Blackphone: A Pro-Privacy Android-Based Smartphone

Silent Circle and Geeksphone have partnered to combine best-of-breed hardware with all the skills and experience necessary to offer BLACKPHONE, the world’s first smartphone which prioritizes the user’s privacy and control. [via hackernews]

GTA for Kids

Nacho Punch made an attempt at an E for Everyone version of the popular GTA video game series. [via neatorama]

Xbox One Trolling

MasterofLuck creates a hilarious troll on the Xbox One by changing his nickname to Xbox sign out! [via kotaku]


Geek Love [Infographic]

Geeks are known for their brains, but they really should be known for their hearts. After all, some of the most famous romances in history were created, inspired and even celebrated by geeks. [via...

Is time travel possible?

Time travel is a staple of science fiction stories, but is it actually possible? It turns out nature does allow a way of bending time, an exciting possibility suggested by Albert Einstein when he...

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